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Organic Natural Seaweed Extracted Fertilizer for Plant & Vegetable

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Appearance Black brown liquid
Odor Smell of Seaweed  
Solubility in water 100%
PH 6-8
Alginic acid   ≥21g/L  
Fe ≥60g/L 
Nitrogen(N) ≥70g/L 
Phosphor (P2O5) ≥30g/L  
Potassium (K2O) ≥40g/L  
Micro element(Fe,Zn,B,Mo) ≥8g/L 

1. Nutritional effects. This product is rich in 16 nutrients necessary for crop growth.
2. Improve the soil. This product can increase the content of soil organic matter, update the components of soil humus.
3. Stimulate growth. Organic matter is the main source of soil microbial energy and nutrients.
4. Purify the soil. Organic matter can increase the substitution of cations and increase the adsorption of cadmium.

Warning:Don't dress seeds, and strictly forbid direct contact with crop roots, stems and leaves.

This product converts inorganic selenium into organic selenium through biological chelation transformation technology, supplemented with magnesium, silicon and other nutrients, so that crops can absorb selenium, silicon, magnesium and other substances better, and can effectively supplement the necessary benefits of rice element. It is used to correct and prevent the physiological diseases and poor growth and development of rice caused by the lack of beneficial elements, because this product is rich in selenium, silicon, magnesium and other substances. It can effectively enhance crop photosynthesis, increase crop yield and improve crop quality. After using this product, it can effectively reduce the heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury in the soil by more than 40%. The product is widely used in crops. It is the first choice for the development of modern agricultural production and organic selenium-enriched agricultural products.

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